Photos and Music

Kit Farrell as Abigail and John Patrick Moore as Beau.

Kit Farrell as Abigail and John Patrick Moore as Beau. Members, AEA. Photo: Jim Norrena.

Enjoy the recordings of selected songs from “Not Without Our Women” below.  All songs are copyright Altman/Black/Milton.

1. Now What
2. What This Town Needs is Women
3. A Hat Like That
4. When You Come to Wyoming
5. Pandora’s Box
6. Outside
7. Our Future is Just a Heartbeat Away (and Heartbeat Two)
8. Springtime Frame of Mind
9. Somebody’s Got to Do It
10. Not Without Our Women

PHOTOS: All Thick House/3Girls Theatre photos taken March, 2012, by Jim Norrena. Thick House cast:  Kit Farrell*, John Patrick Moore*, Darlene Popovic*, Bill Fahrner*, John Elliott-Kirk*, Dyan McBride*, Brian-Yates Sharber*, Joy Lian, Erin-Kate Whitcomb*, Rebecca Pingree, Cara Burgoyne, Gabriel Grilli, Peter Budinger, Brian Vouglas, Galen Murphy-Hoffman*, Tami Dahbura*, and Dennis O’Brien. Directed by Caroline Altman.*  Music Direction by Brandon Adams. *Member, Actors’ Equity Association.

Photos also from ARTSWest reading, Athens, OH, 2011.