Book by Andrew Black & Patricia Milton ~ Music by Caroline Altman ~  Lyrics by Altman/Black/Milton

“Not Without Our Women” is a love story set against the backdrop of an historic step forward in human rights about which few people are aware. In 1869, Wyoming was the first territory to give women suffrage (the right to vote & hold public office) — fully 50 years before all women of the US were granted the same. How were these rights achieved? In the USA, such advances happen when people in power (usually white men) give up their privilege. How this evolution occurs — how expectations are shattered, hearts opened, and rights won (sometimes only temporarily) — is the story of “Not Without Our Women.”

The struggle for equal rights (and resulting triumphs and disappointment) occurs in a two-steps-forward, one-step-back cadence. This optimistic, rousing, and slightly subversive musical invites us to consider Wyoming’s pioneering step forward alongside continuing struggles for rights — including marriage equality — in the United States today.

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It enjoyed a concert reading March 12 & 13 at Thick House in San Francisco . . . two nights only, in celebration of Women’s History Month!